**Flat rate shipping on this product is available on ground shipping only ($7.99). Tex's Bargain Shipper is not available for this product. All other expedited shipping (i.e. 3 Day, 2 Day and Next Day) will be subject to overweight pricing and will not be given the flat rate. The price will be emailed to you for approval before you are charged. Thank you for your understanding. & The Craftman's Bench Waterman Humidor is for the cigar smoker who needs a personal humidor stash box. These humidors can carry up to 4 cigars! If you're looking for a stylish, personal humidor, you will want to give these a try. Humidors are essential when it comes to the preservation of your tobacco products. Without a proper environmental shelter for your cigars, your high quality cigars will dwindle down to a dried out, harsh and flavorless smoke! Keeping the air moist and humid during the duration of your cigars stay in the humidor is essential to finishing off the final touches to your cigars. Look no further for a humidor that is capable of keeping your premium cigars in pristine condition, because TexCigars.com will surely have what you need.
MSRP $30.00

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