Price: $17.98
Brand: Xikar
Product Code: HUM/XTREME/15
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**Flat rate shipping on this product is available on ground shipping only ($7.99). Tex's Bargain Shipper is not available for this product. All other expedited shipping (i.e. 3 Day, 2 Day and Next Day) will be subject to overweight pricing and will not be given the flat rate. The price will be emailed to you for approval before you are charged. Thank you for your understanding. ** & The Xikar X-treme Travel Humidor is up for any challenge. This is one of the toughest humidors we offer. Made from durable hard plastic, with cigar shaped foam inserts to hold your smokes in place and a built in humidification unit. It also comes with locking loops and a watertight seal, ideal for those who need to bring their smokes through touch travel conditions. This humidor holds 15 cigars. This is a favorite humidor for our military customers.
MSRP $35.00

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