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Brand: AVO
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Avo's Maduro line utilizes the same Dominican binder and filler, mostly from the Cibao valley, as the Classic line, the only difference is the wrapper. The Maduro wrapper changes the blends profile significantly, adding not only a little strength but also a dose of sweetness. The Avo Maduro smokes very much like the Classic line, it's an easy smoking cigar with a very clean flavor profile. These smokes are mild to medium in body and extremely smooth. This Avo Take 5 Robusto Assortment contains one of each of the following cigars: Classic Robusto, Maduro Robusto, Signature Robusto, XO Intermezzo, and Domaine Avo 10.

MSRP $51.00
Origin Dominican Republic
Sealed Pack of 5
Shape Robusto
Size Various
Strength Various
Wrapper Various

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