Michael Chiusano was a successful businessman when he went on a trip to the Dominican Republic to finance sugar cane production. While he was there, Chiusano was gifted a cigar that was rolled with the local tobacco. Michael was astounded by the quality of the cigar, and decided to have 100 cigars made with this blend. He sold them at a few local shops, receiving great reviews in the process, he then decided to create a company to sell his own line of cigars. The company name "Cusano" was an alteration of the Chiusano last name, changed to make it easier to pronounce and spell.

Today, Cusano is one of the finest makers of boutique cigars found in the world and is blended by the world famous Hendrik Kelner. Cusano started when many small cigar companies were struggling, but because of Cusano's attention to quality and consistency, the Cusano line of cigars lives on.

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