La Gloria Cubana cigars are produced both in the Dominican Republic and Miami by Ernesto Perez Carrillo. One the world's premier handmade cigar makers, Carrillo blends his cigars in the Cuban tradition which he learned from his father. He was a Cuban senator until the Castro revolution forced him to flee to Florida in 1968. It was Carrillo's son, Ernesto, who in 1980 took the blend a stage further, using a blend of Nicarguan and Dominican tobaccos to give more body and an even richer flavor to the La Gloria Cubana brand. In 1992 Cigar Aficionado gave them a top 90 rating. carries four different blends:

The La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami line is named for and made by 10 master rollers at the El Credito factory in Miami, Florida ("Artesanos" being Spanish for 'artisans'). A stronger blend than the most of the other La Gloria Cubana lines, the Artesanos de Miami line is hand rolled from a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and wrapped in a Nicaraguan Colorado Maduro wrapper, providing a medium to full-bodied spicy smoke.

The LGC Miami are made, as one would guess, in their Little Havana factory in Mimai, from a rich blend of Brazilian, Dominican and Mexican filler and binder leaves and with either an Equadorian Connecticut broadleaf Natural or Maduro wrapper. Because some think that Domincan made cigars are superior to those made in the USA, the LGC Dominican are made from the same blend and in the same sizes but are made in their factory in the Dominican Republic.

The LGC Serie R were created by Ernesto Carillo and released in 1999. These cigars are designed for smokers who prefer a really full-bodied flavor and the larger ring sizes. They are hand made in Miami using a special blend of Dominican Olor leaf and Nicarguan Ligero fillers with either an Equadorian Sumatra or U.S. Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Available in four sizes and presented in beautiful mahogany boxes with gold inlay and lettering. Stunning in every way.

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