Since 1903, Leon Jimenes has been one of the most popular and largest cigar producers from the island of Dominican Republic. Leon Jimenes is also the producer of the La Aurora Brand Cigars. Both of these Fine Cigar labels are made from a variety of Cuban-seed tobaccos. The Leon Jimenes brand has a rich, full-bodied taste with a Connecticut Shade wrapper. The La Aurora brand normally carries mild to medium bodied notes with a dark, rich Cameroon wrapper. The La Aurora and Jimenez cigars are known for superior quality. Each leaf is prepared and cut when its perfectly ready and even then, nine out of ten are ruthlessly rejected in a quest for perfection. Every leaf is hung and aged, sometimes for as long as three years. Only the highly-prized and rare Cameroon leaf is used for the wrapper, delivering a fuller, sweeter flavor and aroma. These labels carry cigars that are totally hand-made, using only long filler and the best part of each selected leaf. To ensure consistent quality, rollers are allowed to make only a set maximum quantity each day. Nothing about these cigars is ever done in a rush. Using such intricate practices and fine cigar making causes these cigars of the La Aurora & Leon Jimenes cigar family quite the favorite in the USA and Dominican Republic.

We proudly carry Leon Jimenes Classic Line and the limited edition 300 Series, a commemorative cigar celebrating 20 years of the Leon Jimenes brand. The 300 series is known for the aging processes employed, both before and after the cigar has been rolled - the wrapper being a vintage 2001 African Cameroon Maduro, and the finished cigars receiving an additional 300 days of aging - very special!

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