The Partagas brand was founded in 1845 in Cuba, and made famous through the collaboration of Jamie Partagas, the founder's son, and cigar master, Ramon Cifuentes. After fleeing the Castro Regime in 1961 it took Cifuentes another seventeen years before he was able to recreate the Partagas brand, this time in the Dominican Republic. The key ingredient of the new Partagas brand is their wrappers. Wanting to make cigars in the Cuban tradition but unable to grow tobacco in Cuba, Cifuentes turned to West African Cameroon to give him the richness in flavor he was looking for. He was later to take on and train Daniel Nunez who is now the cigar master for Partagas and who has introduced his own innovations to many of the new Partagas blends that are offerred here.

Partagas Classics are handcrafted in the Dominican Republic from rich blend of Dominican Cuban-seed & Mexican fillers, all rolled into a savory African Cameroon Natural or Dominican or Mexican Maduro wrapper. Daniel Nunez has managed to encapsulate the quality, flavor and aroma of a Cuban tradition that goes back to the 19th century.

The Partagas Spanish Rosado line is the newest of Daniel Nunez's creations and has been described as "the richest cigar in the world". Made from a blend of Dominican, Mexican, and Honduran filler tobaccos, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and rolled into a spicy, cinnamon flavored wrapper grown in the San Augustin Valley of Honduras, provides a uniquely flavored cigar to the Partagas collection.

The Black Label Cigars by Partagas are full-bodied and distinguished by a more flavorful medio tiempo, sun-grown Connecticut wrapper. These cigars have seamless construction and a creamy-smooth draw, ultra-rich flavor & a sweet aroma make this bold Partagas line a great buy!

Making big waves in the cigar world is the Partagas 160 Cigar. If you liked the Partagas 150, this is the second edition of those famous cigars. These cigars are made in only five shapes and is a one-time release. It will never be made again. We currently have the Robusto, Robusto Minor, and Robusto Major sizes available.

Released in 2005, the Partagas Limited Reserve Decadas is a luxury cigar, released once a year and blended with Dominican and Nicaraguan Ometepe fillers, Honduran San Augustin binder, and a 10 year old Cameroon wrapper.

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