Paul Garmirian

Paul Garmirian cigars were initially released at Georgetown Tobacco in Washington, D.C. in 1990. The cigars were officially released nationwide at a cigar dinner in Chicago on May 1st, 1991. They now contain around 20 different sizes for their cigars, with a giant 9 inch cigar. The sizes are as follows: Belicoso Fino, Connoisseur, Robusto and Torpedo.

Paul Garmirian's passion has always resulted in the enjoyment of fine, premium cigars. His impounding interest in cigars led him 7 years into researching and 2 years of writing the best-selling cigar guide, the Gourmet Guide To Cigars.

Ever since, Paul Garmirian has been producing high quality, premium stogies that are enjoyed throughout the cigar smoking community. If you want something new and exciting that will challenge your palette with it's complex infusion of flavors, try any of the Paul Garmirian cigars.

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