Drew Estates invites you to join in the "Rebirth of Cigars" with ACID, their premier line of flavored cigars. By breaking the boundaries of the traditional cigar, Drew Estates has become the leader in the production of flavor infused smokes. (read more)

ACID allows you to enjoy a combination of the highest quality tobacco and the finest mixture of botanicals, essential oils, and herbs, creating an enticing and complex smoking experience. Don't judge these cigars by our low prices. Every cigar in the ACID line is hand rolled by experts in the heart of Nicaraguan tobacco country and their quality is second to none. If your looking for ACID cigars at discounted prices, you're in the right place.

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Acid Blondie G-Fresh Sampler
The Acid Blondie GFresh Sampler features the original Blondie cigar as well as four delicious new..
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