CAO Criollo

Released in 2002, CAO Criollo cigars epitomize the richness and sweetness of the Cuban-seed Criollo tobaccos from which it is made. Each cigar expertly handmade from Nicaraguan-grown, Cuban-seed tobaccos and wrapped in Criollo 98 leaves. A complex and well balanced cigar with hints of sweet spice and walnut. If you yearn for the tastes of Cuba's golden era the CAO Criollos will certainly have you reminiscing! All 5 sizes are offered in boxes of 20, with four drawers that each contain 5 cigars individually wrapped in tissue paper to protect the precious Nicaraguan tobacco inside.

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CAO Criollo Bomba
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CAO Criollo Conquistador
CAO Criollo Conquistador - These cigars a truly a slice of heaven. At 6 1/8 x 52, the The CAO Cri..
CAO Criollo Mancha
CAO Criollo Mancha - These cigars are described as tangy and spicey on the tongue. It is a very h..
CAO Criollo Pampas Tins
CAO Criollo Pampas - This is a complex cigarillo and starts out peppery with licorice flavors. Th..
CAO Criollo Pato
CAO Criollo Pato - This is a complex cigar and starts out peppery with licorice flavors. The CAO ..
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