Padilla cigars were started in 2003 by Ernesto Padilla. Ernesto is the son of the prize-winning Cuban poet, Herberto Padilla who, along with his family, was rescued from the Castro regime's excesses by Senator Ted Kennedy who helped them immigrate to the United States. Wanting to make a full-bodied, traditional cigars he struck up a partnership with Don Pepin Garcia to create a Nicaraguan blend. He also worked with Oliva in creating the Padilla Habano, but in 2007 he switched over to Tabacalera Aguilar who manufacture his 1968 line. Padilla also has his own factory in Miami which produces his Miami 8/11 line. Most of his lines are named for references relating to his father. His Signiature 1932 line is named for his father date of birth, the 1948 line for the date his father published his first book of poetry, and Series 68 for the date of the publication of his prize-winning book 'Fuego del Juego' that got him into so much trouble with Castro.

Despite having so many lines manufactured in several different countries in such a relatively short amount of time, Ernesto Padilla has certainly earned the respect of the cigar world. His Miami, 1968, and 1932 lines have received ratings of between 90 - 92 from Cigar Aficionado, and the Padilla Serie 1968 were ranked 14th in Cigar Aficionado's Best Cigars of 2006. Although Don Pepin Garcia is no longer working with Padilla due to his own commitments, there may still be a few of his last batch from 2008 left if you hurry!

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