Every cigar made by Padron is constructed using the finest sun grown Nicaraguan tobaccos, which are aged between two and a half and ten years before being released to market. (read more)

Jose O. Padron, was a Cuban refugee working as a carpenter and a gardener in Miami before he established his now world famous cigar company in 1964. Since then, Padron has become well known for their high quality and consistently ranks highly in reviews. Padron 1926 No. 9 Maduro was named No. 1 cigar of the year from Cigar Aficionado in 2007 and Padron 1926 80th Anniversary Maduro ranked No. 2 in 2008. These earthy cigars have some pepper flavors that enhance their sweet notes.

The Padron Classic line of cigars is also known as the “Thousands”, including cigars that rival most cigars on the market. The Classic line is the first line that Padron introduced and although rustic in construction, the quality of the smoke and value of these cigars far outweighs their appearance.

The 1964 Anniversary series was Padron’s first high end release in 1994 and still receives great reviews today. This series was created in celebration of Padron’s 30th anniversary. Aged for four years, these cigars have a medium-full body smoke and include a sweet cocoa flavor and a nice spice that when combined create an outstanding cigar.

The1926 Anniversary Series is another high-end release from Pardon that was created in celebration of Jose O. Padron’s 75th birthday. These cigars are aged for five years in order to create an even smoother medium-full body cigar. The 1926 Anniversary Series is produced in limited quantities, only 100,000 per year, so many hobbyists save these for special occasions.

Padron’s 40th Anniversary Series is a highly sought after limited edition in the Padron line of high quality cigars. These Torpedo cigars are available in both Maduro and Natural. If you have to choose one, try the Maduro, which is best described as spicy flavored dark chocolate. These were awarded No. 1 Cigar of the year in 2004 and still live up to this achievement.

Pardon’s 80th Anniversary Series was releases in 2007 in celebration of Jose O. Padron’s 80th birthday. Made in the perfecto shape, the first cigar released by Padron, and come eight to a box. Constructed in Esteli, Nicaragua with a Maduro wrapper and are sure to please the Padron lover.

The Padron Family Reserve was released in celebration of their 45th anniversary. If you’re looking or the best Padron cigars, these are the cigars you’re looking for. These cigars are aged for ten years, try one and see why Padron is the benchmark of Nicaraguan cigars.

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