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Isla del Sol vs The Java Comparing the Java to the Isla del Sol

When it comes to flavored cigars, specifically coffee flavored cigars, the Isla del Sol and The Java are probably two of the most popular brands available.  As such, we're constantly getting questions from customers asking us how the two smokes compare.  To help provide some insight into the similarities and differences, here's how the Java and Isla del Sol stack up against each other.

What the Isla del Sol and Java have in...

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What is a Cigar Herf? Wondering what a "Cigar Herf" is and where the term originated? Answers below!

Hang around a bunch of cigar smokers for any amount of time and you're bound to hear the word "herf" casually tossed around.  For those new to the world of stogies, it's possible that this something never heard anywhere else.  Just what in the hell is a "cigar herf"?  Allow me to explain.

What is a Cigar Herf?

The short answer is that a "Cigar Herf" is a social gathering of cigar...

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Camacho Diploma Discontinued The Camacho Diploma is about to be history

All good things must come to an end at some point.  Such is the case with the Camacho Diploma.  The company has announced that Diploma has been discontinued, to be replaced by a yet to be named new cigar.  For fans of the Diploma, which has been a mainstay of the Camacho lineup for nearly ten years, this is sad news.

The Diploma ranked as one of the most solidy constructed and highly regarded line of cigars offered by Camacho.  It...

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