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Power Couple Visits Cuba For 5th Anniversary

Everyone knows about power-couple Jay-Z and Beyonce, so whenever they take off on vacation the entire world knows about it. The infamous couple decided to take their latest vacation, in honor of their fifth anniversary, in Cuba. The couple’s trip raised some questions among the conservative voices in the White House.

Several photos of the couple spending time in Cuba leaked recently and two Republican members of the House of Representatives called for the Obama administration to...

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Sadly, tobacco beetles are a real thing and if you are unfortunate enough to find one in your cigar collection we feel your pain. We’re here to tell you what to do if you should in fact find a tiny bug living in your stogies and that everything will be okay.

Tobacco beetles are small, reddish-brown insects that can wreak havoc on a cigar collection and wipe out an entire humidor. These little guys work together to attack and will eat through tobacco on both the inside and outside of...

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Famous Cigar Bar Faces Challenge

Casa Fuente, one of the world’s most famous cigar bars, is fighting to remain just that, a cigar bar. The Las Vegas lounge is known for its luxury and is appealing to smokers since you can actually puff on a cigar inside and relax. Recently the bar has been forced to ban cigar smoking on its patio, perhaps the biggest draw to the space.

Located inside the Forum shops at Caesars Mall in Las Vegas, Casa Fuente has two parts to it, an inside shop and an outside lounge area. The inside...

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