Cigar 101: How To Light a Cigar

Properly lighting a cigar might not be as easy as it sounds and is a good technique to learn since it’s a fundamental part of lighting a cigar. Here’s a little guide that will help you light your sticks the right way.

First up you need to choose the right lighter, one that suits you. You might see a lot of people using paper matches but we recommend avoiding them as they are often treated with chemicals which could really mess the taste of your cigar up, not to mention they burn...

2014 Registration for ProCigar Festival Now Open

Next year’s dates for the annual ProCigar Festival have been set and registration is now open. ProCigar 2014 will take place from February 16 to the 21st and will offer some exciting opportunitiesfor cigar aficionado’s attending. Not only will attendees get to enjoy quality premium smoking but they’ll also have the chance to learn about their favorite cigars.

As if that wasn't enough, guests of the festival will get the chance to tour Santiago de los Caballeros where they will...

Press Release: Macanudo Estate Reserve

IPCPR 2013 -- To commemorate the 45th anniversary of Macanudo, General Cigar is proud to debut Macanudo Estate Reserve, a limited edition collection that marks an exciting new platform for America’s best-selling premium cigar brand.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar said, “We are embarking on a new journey with Macanudo Estate Reserve. Guided by our intent to showcase the extraordinary range of flavors that can only be achieved by blending tobacco from...

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