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Today’s special features some of our finest Club Selection cigars all at a great price, including the H Upmann Club Selection No. 2 Maduro, H Upmann Club Selection Short Churchill Maduro, Romeo y Julieta Club Selection Short Figurado...

Posted by in Cigar 101 on Nov 27, 2012 .
How Do I Cut My Cigar?

Everyone has their first time smoking a cigar, and we know it’s a magical time. Cutting a cigar really isn’t that difficult, but if you don’t cut your cigar the right way you could ruin the way your cigar smokes. We decided to break it down for you in a few easy steps so you are better prepared for your first cigar smoking experience.

First you need to select the correct end of the cigar to cut. The end of the cigar that goes in your mouth is called the “head” and that’s...

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