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How Do I Season My Humidor?

It is extremely important to season your humidor before you use it. Seasoning your humidor is the actual process of getting it ready to properly store your cigars. When your humidor arrives the cedar on the inside is almost completely dry and needs to be "moistened".

So here's what we recommend: wet an unscented, new sponge with distilled water and wipe down all the exposed wood in your humidor (including trays, dividers as well as the interior lid. We don't recommend using a paper...

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Welcome to our blog! We here at Tex Cigars are excited about our new blog and are looking forward to sharing loads of cigar information with everyone! Tex Cigars has long been a provider of premium cigars to the cigar enthusiasts of the world. Created in 2006, Tex Cigars Inc. started in Houston, Texas and has been growing ever since! Rather than just being another number we treat our customers like they are all preferred customers, because they are! Here we believe that cigars are all...

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