Insidious Maduro On the Way from Asylum Asylum Insidious Maduro to start shipping to retailers

Up until now, the Insidious line of cigars from Asylum was available only in a mild, Connecticut wrapper.  Very soon, that will be changing.  In just a few days, a stronger Maduro version of the popular cigar will begin arriving on the shelves of premium cigar retailers.

For those not familiar, the Asylum Insidious is a mild, sweet tip cigar that comes in sizes of 5 x 50, 6 x 44, 6 x 52, 7 x 48, and 7 x 46.  The Insidious...

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Padron 2000 Natural (Review) The Padron 2000 Natural doesn't disappoint

When it comes to premium cigars, Padron is a name that is pretty much beyond reproach.  The company that was founded by Jose Padron back in 1964 has consistantly been cranking out some of the most elite smokes to ever grace the lips of cigar afficionados.

The Padron 2000 Natural is a 5 x 50 Nicaraguan puro that falls squarely in the Medium to Full range.  In terms of appearance, this is not a pretty cigar.  Even though it's sheathed...

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With temperatures dropping all over the country, to well below zero in some places, we've put together a list of short cigars that you can enjoy in a small amount of time without the risk of turning into an icicle on these frosty winter days.Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos (4 1/8 x 36)  

Handmade with the same filler tobaccos and Cameroon wrappers as their full-sized big brothers, Cohiba Red Dot Pequenos sizzle with rich taste at an affordable price. You'll find all that big, rich Cohiba...

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