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Robert Caldwell Leaves Wynwood Cigars

After seeing Robert Caldwell of Wynwood Cigars stand side by side with Christian Eiroa at this year’s IPCPR show it was a surprise to us when we read that Caldwell has left the company. According to Halfwheel, Eiroa confirmed that Caldwell’s decision to leave the company was his own.

Caldwell has yet to comment on the situation but Eiroa told Halfwheel that he owns the brand outright and that Caldwell is free to pursue other ventures within the cigar industry. The brand will...

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Save Big On Samplers!

Acid, CAO, Perdomo and more, there’s a sampler for everyone with today’s special! We’ve got a huge selection of savory samplers starting at as low as $25.99!

There is no better way to try out new cigars than with our samplers. If you’re looking to taste some new smokes we’ve got you covered with our limited time sampler sale! From mild bodied smokes to some of our best-selling sticks all in one spot, each of our samplers offer a variety of premium smokes that are guaranteed...

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Cigar 101: How To Light a Cigar

Properly lighting a cigar might not be as easy as it sounds and is a good technique to learn since it’s a fundamental part of lighting a cigar. Here’s a little guide that will help you light your sticks the right way.

First up you need to choose the right lighter, one that suits you. You might see a lot of people using paper matches but we recommend avoiding them as they are often treated with chemicals which could really mess the taste of your cigar up, not to mention they burn...

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