Press Release: Oliva to Introduce Viejo Mundo Cigar

July 2, 2013 (Miami, Fla.) — Oliva Viejo Mundo, the first machine-made cigar from the Oliva Cigar Company, will be introduced this month in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland. Future plans include an introduction in the United Kingdom in October and the United States in 2014. The Viejo Mundo is a full flavor cigar for the smoker who appreciates a rich premium tasting cigar at a machine- made price.

The Viejo Mundo is produced using a century old format popular...

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Cigar Pairings

I was sitting here thinking what to pick up at the liquor after work for my weekend festivities and realized that I have yet to do a blog post on cigar and liquor pairings. You could easily ruin a good cigar with a bad pairing, at least in my opinion you can. That is unless you are already drunk and it doesn’t really matter what you’re smoking. A good rule of thumb is that if the drink is full bodied, the cigar should be as well. However that’s not a rule you have to abide by. If...

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Exciting New Cigar Releases!

With this year’s IPCPR show only week’s away news on upcoming cigar releases has been coming in one after another! We’re excited to see what this year’s show will bring and what new and exciting smokes will be available.

Casa Fernandez announced that they plan on releasing the 35th Anniversary and Reserva Maduro at the show. The 35th Anniversary is a box-pressed blend where each box will be signed by company owner Eduardo Fernandez. The Casa Fernandez Reserva Maduro features a...

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