Cigar 101: How To Light a Cigar

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Properly lighting a cigar might not be as easy as it sounds and is a good technique to learn since it’s a fundamental part of lighting a cigar. Here’s a little guide that will help you light your sticks the right way.

First up you need to choose the right lighter, one that suits you. You might see a lot of people using paper matches but we recommend avoiding them as they are often treated with chemicals which could really mess the taste of your cigar up, not to mention they burn too quickly so just to get your cigar lit you might end up going through an entire pack of matches! We also recommend avoiding gas lighters since they leave a strong odor behind and again, could alter the flavors of your cigar.

We use quality wooden matches, a soft flame butane lighter or a torch lighter. These are the best ways to light a cigar.

After you cut your cigar it’s important that you toast the foot of the stick. This will just char the end enough to ensure an even burn once it’s lit. Toasting the cigar is easy. Simply hold the cigar at a 45 degree angle with the foot pointed down and hold the flame so that it’s almost touching the foot, but not quite. Toast the foot until it is completely black.

Now it’s time to light up! After the foot is nicely toasted slowly start puffing and rotating the cigar while holding the flame to the foot. To ensure your cigar is lit lightly blow on the foot and watch for a nice glow. From here you should be good. If your cigar starts to burn unevenly you may have to touch it up a bit. You can touch your cigar up by lightly touching the unburned edges with your flame. If the burn isn’t too bad then you may just want to leave it alone as it may correct itself.

So there you have it! Happy smoking!

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