Cigar Box Purses

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One of the first things I noticed when I started working in the cigar industry was all of the different art used when it came to packaging and marketing cigars. From the boxes to the bands, every cigar out there has a unique style when it comes to their brand.

With so much amazing art on cigar boxes it’s no surprise that a new trend has sprung up in women’s fashion. Artisans are turning old cigar boxes into purses. A lot of people discard old empty cigar boxes, so recycling them into something crafty is a pretty great idea.

Each design is unique and surprisingly there is no cigar odor left inside. You’ll get the pleasant aroma of cedar or other types of wood, but other than that they have no leftover cigar smell. A lot of crafters are lining the inside of the boxes adding pockets for personal items.

While most people probably don’t use these bags as an everyday item, they really are more of a high end piece of art, a conversation piece. Making the purses is pretty easy. Handles are often made out of beads or bamboo. To finish, clasps and buttons are used to hold the box shut. You can find cigar box purses online, usually between $25 -$50.

Interested in making your own cigar box purse? Check out this step by step tutorial on how to make them:

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