Cigar Club Keeps Spirits High in Afghanistan

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Michael Tomberlin Smoking an Opus X in Afghanistan Michael Tomberlin has served as president of the Tali-banned Cigar Aficionado Club for quite some time while serving in Afghanistan. Tomberlin writes on his blog that having this cigar club meant so much to him and the rest of the troops involved. The club was a means of escape, a place to let it all go.

Being thousands of miles away from home can’t be easy. So having a place to sit, relax and smoke a cigar makes it a little easier to feel better about the situation. “It’s easy to feel better about most anything if you’ve got a good stogie,” Tomberlin explains.

Camp Phoenix is nestled right outside the mountainous region of Afghanistan on flat lands outside of Kabul, the capital and largest city in Afghanistan.  Tomberlin was able to travel all over Afghanistan while on tour but a lot of men and women never left Camp Phoenix. The Tali-banned Cigar Aficionado Club and “Tiki Hut” at the camp have provided much stress relief and camaraderie between the men and women serving there.

“It is truly a special place,” explains Tomberlin. “Think about the bar from the T.V. show Cheers and put that in a war zone, replacing the booze with cigars.”

There’s something about having a cigar with friends and just enjoying the moment. We can only imagine how difficult it must be to be so far away from home, in a strange place, surrounded by new faces. Adding an oasis for men and women to go, smoke a cigar and relax must really benefit morale. It’s great to know that a simple thing like a cigar can do so much. 

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