Great News For The Cigar World

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There has been a lot of great news in the cigar world lately and we’re pretty excited. A new bill has been introduced that will protect cigars from potential FDA regulation and Oklahoma state has blocked a bill that would allow cities within the state to create smoke-free laws. Two big steps for cigar rights!

H.R. 792 plans to limit the effects the Food and Drug Administration may have on the cigar industry. Republican Bill Posey (FL) introduced the bill last week and it replaces H.R. 1639, a bill that was part of the 112th Congress that is identical to the new bill. This new bill plans on clarifying the area of authority over certain tobacco products. H.R. 792 also intends on protecting small businesses and jobs in the cigar industry, which means my job, so it’s pretty important!

The State Senate in Oklahoma blocked a bill on Monday that would allow specific cities in Oklahoma to create smoke-free zones. Cities are still able to block smoking on municipal properties but the state’s attorney general ruled that cities are not allowed to ban smoking in outdoor spots that they own or operate. Oklahoma and Tennessee are the only two states to forbid cities from constituting tobacco laws tougher than laws created at a state level. Let’s keep the good news coming!

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Last update: Feb 20, 2013

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