How Do I Season My Humidor?

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It is extremely important to season your humidor before you use it. Seasoning your humidor is the actual process of getting it ready to properly store your cigars. When your humidor arrives the cedar on the inside is almost completely dry and needs to be "moistened".

So here's what we recommend: wet an unscented, new sponge with distilled water and wipe down all the exposed wood in your humidor (including trays, dividers as well as the interior lid. We don't recommend using a paper towel to wipe down your humidor as they often leave a trail of paper on the wood. After you have wiped the humidor down re-wet the sponge (make sure it is just moistened, not dripping wet) and place it on a plastic bag inside of your humidor and close the lid. Make sure the sponge is on a plastic bag so you avoid contact with the wood.

After wiping your humidor down you now need to prepare all humidification devices that come with your humidor. You can follow your manufacturer's instructions on how to prepare humidification devices (hygrometer and humidifier). It's important to only use distilled water because tap water contains minderals that can destroy your humidor by leaving deposits. Add all humidifying elements to the humidor and close the lead (with the damp sponge still inside) and leave overnight.

The next morning check your humidor and see how the sponge is. If the sponge is dry, add more distilled water, if it is damp then leave it alone. Let the humidor sit another night and then remove the sponge and plastic bag. The walls in your humidor now have absorved all the water they need and you can safely add your cigars.

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