How To Keep Your Cigars Fresh

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When it comes to storing your cigars we all know it’s important to keep them in a safe place, such as a humidor. What everyone may not realize is there are places you should avoid when it comes to keeping cigars fresh.

While a Tupperware container may seem like a perfect spot to keep your smokes fresh, it’s not. Plus it looks pretty tacky to keep your precious cigars in a plastic container when you could just get yourself a small humidor. Also, you can’t really keep humidification tools in a Tupperware, meaning you can’t monitor the humidity or the temperature.

I know a lot of people who throw their cigars in the fridge and freezer to try to keep them fresh but they’re really doing more harm than good. Cigars don’t want a cold dry place, they thrive in hot and humid environments, so a freezer is really the worst idea you could come up with.

A lot of people think that it’s okay to keep your cigars in the box they came in. This can work for a little while but soon enough the box will lose its humidity. Of course the better the box the longer your cigars will last, meaning if it has cedar lining and a secure seal they’ll probably be okay for a week or so. In the end, a cigar box will act more as a coffin and suffocate your stogies.

If you’re going to get yourself a humidor you absolutely HAVE TO SEASON it. We all know a humidor is the best place to keep your cigars but only if it has been properly seasoned. You really only need a few seasoning packs, such as the Boveda Seasoning Packs, and your humidor will be in great shape. There are tons of tutorials online that show you step by step how to season your humidor as well.

Let us know how you keep your cigars fresh! 

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