Humidor Auction at Festival Del Habano

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Habanos S.A.  recently reached its 15th Anniversary and to celebrate they held their annual Auction of Humidors at the Habanos Festival. Humidors auctioned off at this special event are selected for two reasons, for what they keep on the inside and for their unique, external look.

Each of the humidors auctioned off are made by some of the best cigar rollers and artists from individual factory headquarters of different brands.  On the inside you’ll find some of the most sought after stogies on the market while on the outside each humidor is an exquisite work of art, unique in their own way. Money raised from the auction will be donated to the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba.

In a recent press release Tabacuba and Habanos s.a. expressed their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the auction. “We also appreciate the collaboration of those institutions and artists who have made it possible to celebrate this event, as well as of all those persons who contributed by donating their unique work of art to make more valuable the lots of this auction. Our gratitude to all of them.”

H. Upmann HumidorThe first humidor up for auction is the H. Upmann humidor that recreates the look of the old H. Upmann factory. This humidor contains a variety of 350 premium H. Upmann cigars. The artisan responsible for this classic humidor is self-taught artisan, Alberto Santana Neury Ges. Alberto has won several national and international awards for his art.

Another humidor that stands out on the list is the Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor. This very natural looking piece of art features a tobacco leaf theme, a motif that fits the occasion rather well. The design is simple yet elegant and comes from the craftsmanship of artist Marlene Silvera Segura and Moises Gonzalez Acosta. Segura did the sculpting and Acosta is a self-taught artist. This humidor also contains 350 cigars from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand.

The Cohiba Humidor has the most modern look of the selection. This work of art expresses the artistic edge that Cohiba is known for and was designed with a distinctive look. Composed of several compartments, the Cohiba Humidor has a central tower of two levels with nine sets of drawers each. Each of these drawers then contains 32 drawers for storing cigars. Because this humidor features so many different compartments you might wonder how it stays humidified. This particular humidor stays humidified by an electronic system of micro channels that provide optimal care of all the cigars stored within. Inside you will find 550 Cohiba cigars in a variety of blends and sizes.  This work of art was made by a group of artists from “Humidores Habana” and was directed by Jose Ernesto Aguilera Reina. 

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