National Smoke A Cigar Day

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Lately, every time I go on any social media site I am seeing that it’s “National Smoke a Cigar Day.” Who decided this and how come every other day people are calling it this? I’m confused here! So because of my confusion I decided, right here and now, that EVERY day is National Smoke a Cigar Day. And why shouldn’t it be?

With the looming threat of over- regulation and our right to enjoy a cigar at stake, why not enjoy a cigar whenever, wherever? The FDA is pushing our buttons and has plans to increase regulations when it comes to cigars. We don’t want the government to take our rights away, and the right to enjoy a cigar is something we should have forever.  If the FDA gets their way walk-in humidors would be banned along with flavored cigars and even cigar events. Cigar blends would have to be FDA approved before they are released and there would be a limit to how much marketing and advertising cigar companies can do. Perhaps the biggest one is the “non-face-to-face sale and distribution of tobacco products,” meaning Tex Cigars would end and so would my job, along with thousands of other jobs. That’s not good.

Smoking a good cigar is a reason to get outside and enjoy the day. It’s a reason to get together with friends and simply converse. It’s an excuse to surround yourself with good company and share a common interest. The tobacco industry as a whole is at risk so there is no time like right now to enjoy our right to smoke. There is nothing quite like celebrating a significant event in your life by lighting up a cigar, life itself is significant! So let’s take each day to enjoy the things we love the most, including cigars.

We think every day should be National Smoke a Cigar Day so grab a friend and grab a cigar, or two, or three… and light up!

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