NYC's Mayor Bloomberg Enforces Stricter Tobacco Rules

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Another big city is making moves towards stricter rules when it comes to tobacco products. Mayor Bloomburg of New York City has taken his focus off of large sugary drinks and is not concentrating on tobacco. Last week Bloomberg announced plans to prevent retailers from displaying tobacco items.

Bloomberg said the following on the new law: “The proposed law would prohibit display of tobacco products in most retail shops,” Bloomberg told NBC News. “Such displays suggest smoking is a normal activity and invite young people to experiment with tobacco.”

Cigar Rights of America has been following the case closely and emailed their members a detailed list on Bloomberg’s latest announcement concerning cigars.

“Under the new legislation, sellers would be required to keep tobacco products out of sight, except during purchase by an adult consumer or during restocking. Tobacco products would be required to be kept in cabinets, drawers, under the counter, behind a curtain, or in any other concealed location,” CRA said in the email.

Bloomberg proposed a second bill that proposes stricter penalties for tobacco tax evasion and wants to outlaw tobacco coupons and discounts.

While the bill may not seem like much CRA suggests that Bloomberg’s actions be watched closely. The display restrictions could lead to harsher regulations on actual cigar shops, where tobacco products are displayed all of the time. New York City is a city that leads by example and many places are known for following in the Big Apple’s footsteps.

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Last update: Mar 29, 2013


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