Push To Expand Smoking Ban Could Effect Cigars

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Recently more and more states have been pushing stricter tobacco laws and Pennsylvania is no exception. It’s been almost five years since the state has enacted their Clean Indoor Air Act, which restricts smoking inside businesses and public places. Lawmakers want to do more and are pushing to expand the ban to include more venues.

Rep. Mario Scavello and Sen. Stewart Greenleaf want to prohibit smoking in all drinking establishments, including casinos, private clubs and other places that were previously exempted from the ban. Scavello believes that second hand smoke is the main problem and wants to eliminate it.

Not only do these politicians want to expand the smoking ban they also want to target tobacco manufacturers, wholesalers and processors. The state of Pennsylvania is home to a large amount of cigar related businesses because of its unique ability to yield premium tobacco. Pennsylvania is also tax friendly for cigars, which makes the state a favorable spot for internet retailers. A hit on these businesses would lose thousands of jobs.

Lawmakers involved are advocating applying the ban to all drinking establishments as well as private clubs, casinos, fundraisers and even tobacco promotion events (so if you're at a cigar related event you can't even smoke a cigar). The current smoking ban in Pennsylvania is already a bit much but the latest effort to expand the ban is crossing the line.  

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Last update: Jun 09, 2014


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