St. Patty's Day Cigars

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This weekend most of you will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in some form or another. With St. Patty’s day comes drinking, partying, hanging with friends, attending parades and hopefully getting outside to enjoy warmer weather. When you get outside we hope you plan on relaxing with a premium cigar and what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than to smoke a delicious green cigar?

At one point candelas were a popular cigar but now they are, as Cigar Aficionado put it, “the anchovies of the cigar world.”  We still think the candela wrapper is unique and tasty in its own way. Candela wrapped stogies can come in a variety of green shades: green green, yellowish green and dark green.  Here are a few candela wrapped cigars we think go hand-in-hand with St. Patty’s day.

First up on the list we have Camacho Corojo Monarca Candela cigars. Camacho Corojo’s are already a favorite among cigar enthusiasts, wrap them in a Candela wrapper and you have one delicious green cigar.

Baccarat Candelas are a great cigar with sweet flavor and a tasty aroma. These Honduran cigars feature a Candela wrapper and Havana seed fillers making them smooth and delicious!

Another cigar that fits the list but doesn’t have a candela wrapper is the Hopz cigar. Hopz cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and have the taste of a craft beer. We all know that beer is the #1 past-time on St. Patrick’s Day so why not enjoy a cigar that tastes like beer!

This St. Patrick’s Day indulge in all things green and good, including a cigar!

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