Where To Smoke Cigars In The Winter

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It’s the dead of winter here in Northeast PA and we’re wishing warm summer days would get here fast so we can start enjoying more cigars. With temperatures only in the 20’s and 30’s it’s hard to get outside and really relax with a cigar. While there are some days in the winter that aren’t too bad weather wise, most days are gloomy and freezing. So where should you smoke if it’s below freezing? We came up with a few places we think are perfect alternatives for smoking a cigar.

At Home

There is always the option of smoking a cigar in your home but sometimes that can be tricky, especially if you are renting because you don’t want to stink up the place. If you are going to smoke inside here are a few things we recommend you do in order to keep down the stench. Try dedicating one specific room in your house as a smoking room that way you’re not stinking up every room in the house. There are also a variety of odor and smoke eliminating products to choose from as well. From candles to air purifiers, you can find something in your price range that will make it easier to smoke indoors.


It’s easy to step into your garage or onto your porch to smoke a cigar in the winter and it’s not quite as cold as being outside. Garages and porches provide protection from the wind and keep the chilly breeze from hitting you in the face. If you’re on your porch or patio you can even grab an outdoor patio type of heater. Portable space heaters are perfect for inside the garage. You can even install a wood burning stove in your garage to keep it nice and warm without spending a lot of money on heat. There is nothing quite like sitting on a porch and watching the snow fall while puffing on a delicious cigar.

Local Cigar Shop

Try finding a public cigar shop or cigar lounge in your area to enjoy a nice cigar during the winter. Public places that allow smoking seem to be harder and harder to find these days. Luckily for us cigar shops seem to be popping up all over the place lately. A lot of cigar shops have lounges in them that allow customers to relax and enjoy a nice cigar. Smoking lounges are also great for getting together and meeting like-minded individuals that also enjoy cigars.

So there you have it, a few places other than the freezing cold to smoke a cigar during the cold winter months. Let us know where your favorite spot is to puff during the winter!

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