Why Cigars?

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Not everyone understands our passion for cigars and we find ourselves explaining said passion to family and friends quite often. Here is a rundown of why we love cigars and what makes them so special.

Personally, I love the smell of cigars and feel that a good cigar is like a good wine. Cigars are a way to relax and come in a variety of sizes and delicious flavors, there are so many to choose from! A lot of people enjoy cigars for the tasting experience. You can compare smoking cigars to wine tasting. Wine tasting isn’t about drinking to get drunk or full (for the serious wine connoisseurs any way) it’s about the taste of the alcohol itself. When you go to a winery you’re there to sample all of the different wines made for the taste and flavor. With cigars there are so many distinctive flavors and scents from all of the different tobacco used, just like all of the different grapes used in wine.

Cigars are irresistible and have always fascinated me. Each cigar is unique in its own way, whether it's hand rolled in the Dominican Republic or made from tobacco grown in Honduras, there is a story behind every one. No matter how you look at it, tobacco is a natural agricultural product processed from the leaves of a tobacco plant. No papers or filters are used in cigars and there are no chemical additives. When rolled, cigars use only a tasteless and odorless vegetable glue to keep them together and are handcrafted out of tobacco, tobacco leaves and the vegetable glue, pretty natural if you ask me!

Another reason people smoke cigars is to celebrate a special occasion. Some cigar aficionado’s might hang onto a cigar for a few years just to light it up for a rare moment in their lives. From marriages to anniversaries to the birth of a child, there are so many occasions to light up a cigar.

Of course the best reason to smoke a cigar is to simply relax. Having time to smoke means you have some free time in general. A cigar is a form of forced relaxation, sort of like fishing. If you make the time to smoke a stogie you have an hour (depending on the size of the cigar) to sit down and simply be at ease.  

With the New Year right around the corner we’re excited for what lies ahead and look forward to smoking more cigars. We’re thinking that 2013 will be the best year yet! 

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