Why Is My Cigar Burning Unevenly?

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When you find that your cigar is burning uneven it could be a result of over humidification, under humidification, improper lighting, how strong the wind is, where you are smoking your cigar and even the temperature. The good thing is that a well made cigar more often than not will recover from an uneven burn. 

First, we suggest that you hold a lighter an inch away from the area that is not buning properly and puff lightly. The area should light back up and start burning properly. We also recommend that if you're not doing so already, try to toast the foot as evenly as possible while keeping the flame from touching the cigar. Toasting the foot simply means hold a match to the outside edge of the foot and rotate the cigar to evenly toast the edge of the cigar. 

An uneven burn can also just mean that the cigar was poorly made, in which case you can't really do much about it. However, if you received a poorly made cigar from us feel free to contact our Customer Service department: 1-888-392-4427. 

Last update: Dec 07, 2012


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